Terms of Service

To ensure a smooth and efficient process for Shopify Customization requests, we have established the following terms of service. Please review the below information thoroughly before submitting a request.

Initial Estimation

After you’ve reviewed these terms and submitted a request, we will respond to you via email within two business days. Our response is likely to include further questions about your project, so the more detail you’re able to provide with your initial submission, the better.

Try using Loom to create video walkthroughs explaining what you’re looking for. If you have annotated screenshots, wireframes, or other documentation, please provide links to these items when you describe your project details. Feel free to link us to a Google Drive folder if you have multiple items to share.

Once we’ve confirmed our understanding of your request, we’ll propose a fixed price. This will be either for the entire project (if it’s small or simple), or for a standalone planning phase (if further consultation or detailed specs are needed). We do not “haggle” on pricing.

Invoicing & Payment

If you accept our proposed price, we will send you an invoice, to be paid upon receipt. 100% of the project cost is required up-front and is non-refundable. Please pay invoices via ACH transaction if possible.

Your invoice will come from notifications@harvestapp.com. Make sure you add this to your address book so it does not go to spam.

Invoices which are not paid within 30 days will be canceled along with your project request.

For tax purposes, here is a copy of our IRS Form W-9.

Detailed Planning

Upon receipt of payment for a standalone planning phase, we will contact you to schedule your initial planning session. It will be scheduled for a time within the following two weeks. Sessions will be held via Google Hangouts and may involve screen-sharing. Detailed Planning is only necessary for larger or more complex projects.

Development & Testing

Upon receipt of payment for development work, your project will be assigned to our team. They will begin work within two weeks of assignment, implementing requests in the order they’re received. We do not make deadline commitments for standard projects. Our QA team will perform cursory testing to ensure all requirements are met, before handing the work to you for your own review and launch approval. Thorough QA testing is your responsibility, since you have greater familiarity with your shop’s features and functionality.

Project Launch

We will launch the changes to your shop when you approve. By approving our work, you are confirming that the project is complete, and any further investment of our time must fall under a new project request with a new invoice.

Twel is not responsible if your shop’s sales decrease or if there are any other unforeseen consequences of launching the changes you requested.

Get Started

If you understand and are comfortable with the above-described process, please feel free to share your project details with us. We look forward to working with you!