Lemuel Santos 29 Sep, 2021
Twel 4 Year Anniversary

Last month, we celebrated our fourth anniversary, and so it’s time to share once again why we exist and the reason why we started this company.

After working for over a decade in the programming and web development industry for other agencies, I decided that it was time to start my own business. I envisioned a different approach to deliver excellent results to our distinguished clients.

1. One of the most important principles we strive for is to respond to our clients’ requests rapidly; within minutes, whenever possible. Some companies leave their clients insisting on an answer after one to two days or more… that does not happen here, and we are praised for our fast response time. We’re able to achieve this through a combination of carefully configured notifications, as well as providing our clients with our direct phone numbers and a team email they can use to reach all of us at once if they have an emergency.

2. After seeing arguments, animosity, and time-consuming discussions about invoiced hours between other companies and their clients, I made a promise to myself that Twel would never get into an argument with clients over money. Our approach in that regard is very straightforward and simple: If the client does not feel they should be charged, we simply do not charge or invoice them, and we move on. If someone doesn't feel that our work was satisfactory, we should not get paid. Simple as that.
3. We make sure that we are a "lean company", where every team member contributes directly to producing what the client has asked for. Our managers define strategy, collaborate on solution design, and perform thorough quality testing alongside the developers on every project. No one’s role is considered “overhead”. This means we charge for every hour each team member spends on client work, but it also allows us to maintain competitive pricing, because we don’t need to cover for unnecessary roles or extra weight on our team.

4. We do whatever it takes to deliver excellent results. In web development, there is usually a cheap and fast way, or there’s the right solution (usually more expensive) to resolve a problem. We don’t take the typical approach of cutting corners, thinking only about profits. We treat our clients as partners, and work as a team to balance technical, budgetary, and user experience considerations. We advocate for the right solution even when it will take more time, or potentially reduce our own profits. Indeed, in some cases, we have sacrificed profit to make sure we would deliver the right solution. 

5. We hire and train certified developers who are experienced with extremely complex projects. This allows our company to be prepared to implement complex API integrations (e.g.  Amazon Web Services, SalesForce, QuickBooks, MailChimp, etc.) and heavy data migrations from third party services to the platforms we work with. It also ensures that the solutions we build will run smoother, last longer, and be more flexible because of our adherence to coding best practices.

It turns out that our values and the different approach we established at Twel pays off. It gives us peace of mind, and it ensures our clients’ satisfaction. Happy clients tell other people about our services, and new customers are added to our portfolio without any online ads or campaigns… just by utilizing the old and very effective word-of-mouth marketing.

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