Lemuel Santos 08 Feb, 2024
The Impact of AR on Web Design and Web Development

No… It's not 2054 as depicted in the film Minority Report; It's February 2024 and Apple has just released the new Vision Pro; a device that allows users to control virtual screens with gestures, echoing the cinematic experience crafted by Steven Spielberg in 2002. Fast forward 22 years, and what seemed like fiction is now about to become a part of our daily lives. While the movie featured fingertip controls, Apple's Vision Pro, worn on the head, introduces a comparable immersive experience of AR (Augmented Reality).

Scene from Steven Spielberg Movie 2002


During my visit to the Apple Store, I spent about 30 minutes testing the new device. The first question that crossed my mind was the potential impact of this innovative gadget on the fields of web design and web development, which directly influences our daily work. This led me to contemplate the changes ahead, anticipating how the capabilities of future devices like the Vision Pro can be utilized for presenting content on the web. Additionally, I pondered on how Universities and Colleges might potentially utilize this type of device.


3 Potential Impacts on Web Development:

  1. AR Integration: Developers will need to adapt to the integration of augmented reality (AR) into web applications. This could involve creating AR-enhanced websites that provide immersive and interactive experiences for users equipped with devices like the Apple Vision Pro.
  2. Gesture-Based Interaction: With the Apple Vision Pro relying heavily on gesture-based interactions, web developers may need to implement new functionalities that respond to gestures, providing users with a seamless and intuitive browsing experience.
  3. Enhanced User Interfaces: The introduction of AR will open up possibilities for creating innovative user interfaces that blend digital elements with the physical environment. Developers will need to explore creative ways to design interfaces that make the most of AR capabilities.

3 Potential Impacts on Web Design:

  1. Immersive Design: Web designers will need to shift towards creating immersive and visually engaging designs that complement the augmented reality experience. This could involve designing 3D elements, animations, and overlays that seamlessly integrate with the real world.
  2. Responsive Design for AR: Responsive design principles will extend beyond traditional screens to accommodate the varied dimensions and perspectives of AR experiences. Designers will need to consider how content adapts to different environments and user movements.
  3. Accessibility in AR: Ensuring accessibility in augmented reality experiences will become a priority for designers. This involves designing interfaces that are inclusive and accommodate users with diverse needs, including those with disabilities.

I understand that these changes won't become the industry standard overnight (especially if you are reading this in 2024). However, it seems like scenes reminiscent of Minority Report will come to life much earlier than 2054 and as experts in web development we now need to start adapting to these upcoming changes.

In essence, the Apple Vision Pro introduces a new paradigm for web development and design, requiring professionals in these fields to embrace the possibilities of augmented reality. As AR becomes more prevalent, web development and design will evolve to create seamless, intuitive, and visually stunning digital experiences.

As I contemplated the implications of the Apple Vision Pro, a series of personal questions also surfaced. Do we truly need yet another device? Is an influx of more technology in our lives a necessity? Will wearing the Vision Pro make me resemble a giant bee, drawing curious stares? Do I want to have something in my eyes while I work, play, and interact with people? Considering its hefty price tag of USD 3449, I pondered whether this AR device is genuinely worth the investment. With over 20 years in the web development field, we've witnessed the rise of the iPhone (Smartphones), iPad (Tablets), and now find ourselves amid a new wave of changes towards AI (Artificial Intelligence) and AR (Augmented Reality). It feels like we are once again standing on the brink of a significant breakthrough that could reshape the web as we know it.

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